Natural Clear Tibetan Quartz Crystal 50g

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Material: Clear Tibetan Quartz
Quantity: 50g
Use: Meditation, Gridding
Benefits: Amplifies chi energy

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Natural Clear Tibetan Quartz Crystal 

1) Placing a beautiful Clear Quartz cluster in your living room can have a great positive effect on the communication between your family members. It helps to hold the space for your family and supports understanding between different dynamics.

2) Place a bowl of tumbled Clear Quartz in the centre of your home. This will allow the qualities to radiate throughout the entire home and all it’s sectors as well as support the Earth element here. Which also helps to ground your home.

3) Placing a Clear Crystal point in your true wealth sector (this one has told me in pic) will help to amplify your abundance and also support you by feeding information on how to succeed. (Note: True wealth sector is calculated by a consultant schooled in the Flying Stars or you could use the SE sector)

4) Using Clear Quartz in your meditation space can help you access information during meditation, especially the Akashic Records. And can also assist in allowing you to remained focused and centred during your practice.

5) Clear Quartz is also great for study or long periods of work. So placing some on your desk can help with integration of information and clarity of thought.

6) Gridding the home for protection

BONUS TIP:- Using Clear Quartz in healing mandalas rock! They help to amplify the healing qualities of the surrounding elements and directs energy.





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